The English man from Stow

The nickname given to me after my return to the Scottish Borders after an absense of twenty years complete with a hybrid accent no one would ever claim. Coming home was never going to be easy when you have an accent all of your own but then the Scottish Borders is where I belong.

Originally a native of Stow, I was living at Glendearg and attending school in Melrose when as a seven year old the whole family moved to England. How strange to think that all these years later I would once again have a Melrose connection and even be able to offer the village a taxi service.

Having finished school in Lincolnshire I made my living in engineering but after being made redundant for a second time the choice to return home was an easy one since I have a lot of relatives and my grandparents were still alive at that time. I have two brothers and a sister, all younger, but so far they remain down south making me the only one of the family to come home.

After returning to the Scottish Borders I became night porter at the Waverley Castle hotel in Melrose and spent three seasons doing that job. Then fate intervened. A friend asked my to drive one of his taxis' as he was short of a driver and had already accepted a booking to provide the transport for a wedding party.

I found taxi driving enjoyable, most of the time, and starting work as a taxi driver working round my shifts at the hotel. When the season was over and again I was laid off it was only natural to become involved in the taxi trade full time and apart from a rare moment of sanity which lasted almost four years when I took a "proper job" driving a delivery van, it seems I am still hooked, or should that read mad?

After that short journey through my life and heritage, I am happy to offer local taxi services to the villages of Melrose, Darnick and Newstead alongside ancestral or sight seeing tours of the Scottish Borders and beyond. Ask for a quote and let Jim's Taxi fulfill your travel requirements. I promise not to bore you with my life story again.