Jim's Melrose Taxi

Hello and welcome to Jim and his Scottish Borders taxi serving Melrose, Newstead, Tweedbank and Darnick. My mission is to provide these villages and the local Rail Station with a prompt and reliable taxi service.

This comes at a price in that I may not be the cheapest on the short local fare or the offered by some, set price airport booking, but do expect to compete on the mid distance hire simply due to the mathematical formula used in all my quoted price fares.

Starting with the real world elements of total distance covered and what part of this is on hire and metered, my aim is to give the fare paying passenger the fairest price on any journey and for the medium trip this may also prove to be the most cost effective.

I am operating at my most efficient when the journey starts, ends or simply passes through or very close to Melrose, Newstead or Darnick including Tweedbank Rail Station and it is then that I can offer the best savings over the standard metered fare.

The taxi meter shows the official fare for the journey as set out and enforced by the Scottish Borders council. Do not take it for granted the meter price will be discounted, but do be sure I shall never overcharge.

Fair and reliable is my unique selling point.

Jim is able to offer the full range of travel services you may expect including, but not limited to:

  • Taxi in Melrose, Darnick or Newstead
  • Serving Tweedbank Rail Station
  • Local and long distance
  • Ancestry tracing tours
  • Sight seeing tours
  • Card payment accepted

My vehicle of choice

Jim's Melrose taxi

Seat Toledo. Not a top of the range limousine by any means. Simply an honest reliable mid sized family car that handles the variables of being a taxi surprisly well.

It has a large boot and enough space for four average sized passengers, although I do concede that the rear middle seat would soon lose some appeal on a longer journey.

Changing the work life balance

As an independent taxi operator I have always strived to undertake any booking I have accepted personally. This remains my goal but I now concede that I am unable to accept a booking at just any old time of the 24 hour day. Too often recently I have found myself finishing work at well after midnight and then struggling to be available at my personal target time of 8am.

Jim's Taxi, with effect from September 1st 2017 will only be aimed at providing service to Melrose, Newstead, Darnick and Tweedbank Rail Station between 0800hrs and 1800hrs daily with a limited flexibility available.

Outwith these hours any telephone call may be diverted to another taxi operator whom I personally know and trust to provide a good quality service. Quote requests for travel outside of the stated hours shall be considered or I may simply recommend another operator.